bungy history


Hundreds of years ago the people of Vanuatu in the Pacific, tied their feet to the vines of the trees and threw themselves off the tower to the softened earth to attain the status of manhood. Even today it is a custom coinciding with the Yarn Harvest on Pentecost Island in the Pacific.

Bungy in the 1970s

Inspired by the ritual practiced on Pentecost Island, a group of people based around the Oxford University formed a Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club to try a few experimental jumps in 1970s. They pioneered the Extreme Sports.

Modern Day Commercial Bungy

The present day popularity of the Bungy owes its success to A. J. Hackett who shot to fame by Jumping off the Eiffel Tower in Paris. He then opened the world’s first commercial bungy operation at the Kawaru Bridge, Queenstown, New Zealand in 1988. At a height of 43 mtrs it is also the most popular bungy in the world today. Since then bungy of different heights have opened up in many countries.

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